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Selecting the Right Theme for a Hen or Stag Party

Marriage is a big change in one's life; thus, the transition from being single to married should be celebrated with an unforgettable get-together. Therefore it goes without saying that anyone who is handed the daunting task of a bash the night before the big day should come up with fun ideas that can be enjoyed by every participant. One way of achieving this is to choose a particular motif for the event. This way, it will serve as a guide for all the activities lined up for the night. You can go for conservative, wild, or anything-goes, it is entirely up to you. If you have trouble deciding on which concept to incorporate, then here are some of the more popular ones to choose from:

For Stag Parties

  1. Ancient Greek or Gladiator Style
  2. The films of "300" and "Troy" surely have made an impact on the minds of men around the world. You can ask your chums to wear togas, cloaks or even loin cloths for a more authentic feel. You can even build your own Trojan horse as a piƱata.

  3. Dressing Up as Jail Prisoners
  4. You can go old school and wear the black-and-white ensemble complete with a circular hat, or go with the orange overalls. Either way the accessories you can pair with these costumes are a ball-and-chain, handcuffs, water pistols, fake straight-jackets and removable tattoos.

  5. Medieval Style
  6. You can imagine being one of the brave heroes who belonged to the court of King Arthur and his knights. Prepare your gallant wardrobe and get ready to brandish your swords and shields. Or, if your role is a sorcerer like Merlin, you can opt for a tall pointed hat complete with a fake beard and wand.

For Hen Parties

  1. Innocent Angels
  2. Just for the night, pretend that you have taken a break from your heavenly duties to enjoy a night out on Earth. You can even have devil counterparts and re-enact a good versus evil drama. Just make sure you do not step on the toes of your religious friends.

  3. Cowgirls
  4. You can spend the night at a rodeo bar and ride a mechanical bull all evening. You can also have a tequila drinking contest.

  5. Sailor
  6. Go all out with this theme by having the party at a yacht. Dress up like mariners to fully complement your concept. You can also incorporate a Hawaiian style design and have participants wear their skimpiest bikinis.

Whatever theme you select, do not forget the other essentials such as prizes, food, decorations and all other accessories that will make the event more memorable. Additionally, make sure you acquire amazing entertainment by getting in touch with the service provider featured on this website.